Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Signs of Social Anxiety

If you are confused if you have social phobia disorder here are some signs of social anxiety.  This may help you diagnose your problem. I remember feeling uncomfortable and anxious when in certain situations.  I had no idea what my problem was and thought that I was just shy.  Years later I realized it was more than being just shy but it was in fact social phobia disorder.  Signs of social anxiety are not obvious until you are able to recognize them.  

The first sign would be that you are uncomfortable in ANY social situations.  This means that you are uncomfortable even around close friends and family.  For example, say that your mom is asking you questions about school, and you can’t even give her a response without being anxious or uncomfortable.  That is when you know to some scale that you have a problem.

Other basic signs of social anxiety include shyness, shaking, blushing, sweating and stuttering.  Also avoiding things like work, school, going out, hobbies and activities are common signs.  People need to realize that social phobia disorder is completely reversible and can get slowly better.  This disorder is more common than people realize and it is OKAY if you are struggling with it.  

Follow my blog and I will ensure that you beat this disorder just like I did.  I will give you the exact steps that I took and provide you with the best strategies for overcoming social anxiety.  Once you see the signs of social anxiety you are ready to the take required baby steps needed to improve your life.     
More to come!